• What kind of impact will you have?

    In the United States, federal elections happen every two years, and in Canada too, whether it is federal, provincial or municipal, there always seems to be an election just around the corner. So there are a lot of elections going on, which means there are a lot of opportunities for Christians to speak out and have an impact.

    How can we have an impact? Political writer and occasional Reformed Perspective contributor Tim Bloedow thinks one of the best ways would be by imitating Dr. Glenn Martin. This professor was convinced that every serious Christian should try to influence the vote of at least 100 people. He himself wasn’t satisfied unless he attempted to influence at least 1,000 and the way he went about it was by writing these 1,000 people to tell them how they should vote, and why. 

    This next election are you going to have that kind of impact? Why not?

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