• Cheap trick

    Thrift seems to be a lost art. When Reformed Perspective asked its readers to send in their cheap tricks – the different ways they’ve used the resources God has given them in a particularly inventive and stewardly way - the response rate was rather sad. But it seems a genuine Dutchman or two do still exist. Here’s a true (but anonymous) tale that will hopefully serve as an inspiration to others:

    “It was Sunday afternoon just before the service. Our minister looked for his equipment to amplify his voice. Everything was in the box except the clip to tie his tiny mic in place. It was near starting time for the service. A desperate search yielded nothing. It was then that I remembered finding a paperclip a few days earlier beside my parked car and putting it in my coat pocket. This 'found' paperclip did the trick to hold the mic in its place. Only a born Dutchman would stoop for such a lowly find. Providential? I believe so.”

    Incidentally, though this story is some months old already, that “tie clip” is still in use.

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