• Facebook and me, wonderful me

    Christian author Joshua Harris was among the many who have joined Facebook. But he left one week later. His abrupt departure was prompted by a number of things, but one reason in particular sparked the most discussion on his blog (www.joshharris.com). For all of us who remain on Facebook, this thought is worth keeping in mind:

    “How do I put this? I found that [Facebook] encouraged me to think about me even more than I already do – which is admittedly already quite a bit. Does that make any sense? Without any help from the Internet I'm inclined to give way too much time to evaluating myself, thinking about myself and wondering what other people think of me. If that egocentrism is a little flame, than Facebook for me is a gasoline feeding the fire. I need to grow in self-forgetfulness. I need to worry more about what God is thinking of me. I need to be preoccupied with what He's written in his word, not what somebody just wrote on my ‘wall.’”

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