On equality…

I was recently confronted with the disturbing statistic that evidences the ultimate case of gender inequality: the life expectancy of males is 6.1 years lower than that of females. This phenomenon must be properly discussed.

What is a more valuable commodity than life? Nothing, I would say. And yet females habitually possess over 8 percent more of it than men. It is clear that when it comes to life, there is no level playing field in our society between males and females.

I, therefore, call upon the government to take measures to empower men to overcome this glaring inequality. What we need is legislation, programs, and lots of funding.

First of all the government should enact human rights legislation which will unequivocally state that males have the right to the same life expectancy as females. This legislation will empower the government to make proactive adjustments in Health, Social, and Education programs. I would like to share with you the following suggestions for such adjustments.

  1. An immediate transfer of medical research dollars from female diseases to male diseases.
  2. The inclusion of a mandatory life expectancy rights component to be taught in all our schools starting at the kindergarten level.
  3. The appointment of kommissars (also call commissioners) for each federal and provincial ministry who are to scrutinize all proposed legislation for life expectancy bias.
  4. Mandatory sensitivity training for all our judges to ensure that crimes against women are not more discouraged than crimes against men.
  5. Mandatory affirmative low-stress jobs action for all businesses employing more than 10 people to ensure that men will be employed in at least 50 percent of such jobs.
  6. The creation of Men’s Issues Department at both the federal and provincial levels.

Thus far my suggestions.

If we do not want to lose the image of Canada as a caring and nurturing society we had better implement these suggestions regardless of costs.

Of course, some naive people may suggest that it would help if men changed their lifestyle by smoking, drinking, fighting, and fornicating less, and by being more spiritual and less macho. However, though in the past this might have been a solution, we now know that we can only lead fulfilling lives if we are true to ourselves. Since institutions of education and our public media zealously indoctrinate the populace with this new gospel, it would be futile to appeal to “the man kind” itself to heal the wound of life expectancy; the government is our only hope.

This post first appeared way back in the May 1999 issue, but doesn’t it seems like it was written for today? As Christians we believe God calls us not to be partial to rich or poor, black or white, young or old – He calls us to equality. But what kind of equality does God call us to? Is it an equality – as is called for in this article – of outcomes? Or is the equality meant to be in how we treat people? The world says the former, but God is calling us to the latter (Leviticus 19:15, James 2:1-9, Acts 10:34).

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  1. Tommy Day

    November 24, 2018 at 6:14 am

    The false notion of “equality” is a heresy of Modernity. It is used by the State to control people in the name of “fairness”, and to level us all down to proletarians.

  2. Patrick O'Brien

    November 24, 2018 at 10:49 am

    If a weird guy says he is a girl, does his life expectancy rise?

  3. Melody

    November 25, 2018 at 5:22 am

    I realize you’re making a point, but all I can think is how *petty* 8% sounds when I think about the vast inequality women face in most areas of their lives. We’d like equal pay for the same work – but it’s 92 cents that we’re making to a man’s 100 – it’s 75. In the case of black women it’s 50.

    Almost 100% of health and medical research, until very recently, was done exclusively for men. So we get the wrong recommendations for heart attacks, nutrition, and until the 60s or 70s – even childbirth.

    The fact that we live 8% longer is nothing short of a miracle. You should assume God has willed it and go back to enjoying your extra money.

    • Reformed Perspective

      November 26, 2018 at 10:28 am

      You address two very different sorts of inequality. One is the neglect of women in running medical research primarily on men, until recent years. That is a very real problem and it is important that it be corrected.

      The other is the wage gap, which once did exist for women doing the exact same work as men. But today’s wage gap is not about women getting paid less to do the same work as men, but rather women making less for doing very different work than men. One reason that men, as a group, average a higher wage than women, as a group, is because men will take on hazardous tasks more readily, including high-paying oil-field work, and the like.

      So if women, as a group, value safety over money, and men, as a group, value money over safety, that is not inequality, but simply means that men are not women and women are not men – we are equal, but we are also different.

      What this article satirizes is that differences noted between women and men are often taken as conclusive proof of inequality – i.e. discrimination. For example, there are fewer women in the field of engineering, so the assumption is that this inequality is wrong, and can only be due to discrimination, and must, therefore, be corrected. What it most certainly cannot be is that women – in general – are not as interested in the field of engineering as men. It can’t be that men and women are actually, in substantial ways, different.

      But by that kind of logic – differences prove discrimination – then that men live 6 years less than women is proof of a wrong being done to men that must be corrected.

      Or else it means that not every difference is due to injustice.

    • DB

      November 26, 2018 at 10:50 am

      So half of the world’s population can provide equivalent work for 3/4 the cost and every business out there (even those owned by females) are too sexist to go and hire them?

      No, you and I and everyone all know that if a business turned down cheaper labor they would be out of business just about instantly because someone else would take it and be able to provide their good/service much more inexpensively. This argument doesn’t hold up to even the most elementary scrutiny; it is, exclusively, a talking point division tactic that those peddling it hope won’t be investigated because of the flimsy basis upon which it attempts to stand.

      If you really want to talk about gender gaps, how about the fact that 93% of all workplace related deaths are men? How would you like to correct that?

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