Most overlooked articles of 2018

We’ve previously shared a Top-10 list of RP’s most popular posts of 2018. While every article on that list was fantastic, not every fantastic article was on that list – in fact, some of 2018’s best articles managed to fall through cracks in the Internet and get almost entirely overlooked. But because they deserved better we’ve gathered them up and are shining the spotlight on them one more time. Without further adieu, here are some of the best, overlooked articles of 2018.

Very helpful book reviews

12 ways your phone is changing you
We live in a very different world than just 10 years ago – always connected, and yet increasingly disconnected.

How does a Christian live with suffering?
It’s a question we’ll all ask at some point…

Insightful, incredibly creative fiction

Hamlet with a happy ending
What if the author of the story wanted to save Hamlet and was willing to step into the story to do it?

Report of a meeting that was never held
As this first-century meeting makes clear, we can be confident the apostles didn’t edit the Bible.

On the origin of articles
Some silly sorts think articles are designed, but, as this article makes plain, they aren’t designed – they evolve!


On reading together
Reading with your children is a wonderful way to teach, encourage, and bond with them.

Discipline or punishment
When it comes to discipline and punishment, parents do you know which you should, and which you shouldn’t, be doing? And do your children understand the difference too?

Evangelism and apologetics

I love apologetics
Ray Comfort, on how apologetics and evangelism are not as complicated as we sometimes make them out to be.

Disarming a name caller by asking them to explain their insult
The quickest way to put a thoughtless critic in their place is to ask them to actually explain their criticism.

Paul vs. James: Dealing with Bible difficulties and Dealing with the Bible’s difficult texts
Bible critics want to confound us with supposed difficulties and contradictions in the Bible. Here are a couple quick takes on how to respond in faith, and with confidence.


What is humor?
In a world that’s increasingly comedic, Christians need to know how to use humor to point to the Truth. And the first step involves seeing humor as God sees it.

Insights from the Devil’s dictionary
The creator of the Devil’s dictionary wasn’t Christian, but, some of his definitions were hilariously insightful.

The very best pro-life signs!
Humor can be used as a weapon for Truth. Here are some great examples.

BONUS: On economics, dating, and deformers

G.K. Chesterton on the difference between reformers and deformers
The rich get richer by making us all wealthier
Faint heart never won fair maiden

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