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Saturday Selections – Aug 5, 2023

Unintended consequences

In socialist states like the USSR, the government’s central planning failed because people are complicated and to correctly predict their wants, needs, and actions, government leaders would have to have God-like omniscience.

In socialist states like our own, the government central-plans things less, but it still has quite a lot on its plate: everything from school sex ed curriculum to their citizens’ soda consumption, and so much in between. Despite the best of intentions, their plans fail too, and for the same reason: even the wisdom of Solomon wouldn’t be up to this task… though he’d be smart enough not to try.

Wrong more often than right: the problem of psychological diagnosis

Psychology Today recently published an article titled: “The Myth of Mental Health Diagnosis: Disagreement between clinicians is the norm, not the exception.” This is quite the admission – Christians need to understand that when they turn to these secular experts for help, that “much of the modern method of caring for the souls of people is built on sand.”

Global warming saves lives?

Did you know more people die from cold than from heat?

Get your own seed!

A challenge for evolutionists: make a flower grow out of a bucket of dirt. The catch is, you have to do it without a seed. What’s the point?

“If a well-equipped research facility, staffed by the world’s best scientists, couldn’t produce a seed or even a single living cell from raw materials, what basis is there for assuming unguided natural processes could do it?”

More people are being euthanised in Canada than anywhere else in the world

Reasons why include:

  • the promotion of euthanasia as if it is a standard treatment
  • suicide contagion
  • raising it as an option to patients you didn’t ask
  • lack of oversight
  • not caring enough to even get proper data collection

But those are all symptoms of the main reason: when you stop seeing Man as made in the image of God (Gen. 9:6), you start treating him like just another animal.

Eco-Colonialism: the First World is using green policy against the Third World (20 min)

This is a longer video – 20 minutes – but it highlights an important topic: that today’s environmentalism is much like the colonialism of old, “right down to the conviction that [green activists] know better than the people they’re colonizing so it’s justified to make decisions for them ‘for their own good.’”

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Saturday Selections – July 29, 2023

The scaremongers are wrong (7 min) While no one in this video is professedly Christian, the battle is over whether we're going to understand Man as the Bible describes us, with children as a blessing from God, made in His Image, and tasked with stewarding the Earth (Ps. 127:3-5, Gen. 1:26-28), or whether we are going to understand children as mere mouths to feed – a drain on our planet which would be better off without them. John A Macdonald saved more Indigenous lives than any other PM? (10 min read) My evaluation of Canada's first PM has dropped some since I was first introduced to a heroic version of him in school. I shouldn't have been surprised - our leaders have always had feet of clay. But as Solomon alerts us, there is always another side of the story to hear (Prov. 18:17), and in this article Greg Piasetzki makes the case that: "Canada’s treatment of its indigenous people — and Macdonald’s role in it — is best understood in comparison with that of the native population in the United States. The results very much favour Macdonald’s Canada." Residential school narratives unravelled In keeping with that "other side" REAL Women of Canada has issued a call for a new inquiry into Canada's residential schools, one that would look into the many spots proposed to be burial grounds, but from which no bodies have yet been recovered. A different sort of Sound of Freedom review Sound of Freedom, in theaters now, is about human trafficking – it's about the modern-day sex slave trade. Here's what pro-life activist Miranda King shared after she saw it this week. Why should Canadians care about two recent US Supreme Court decisions?  God's people in the West don't always understand how much of our culture is still supported by Christian underpinnings. Yes, our countries are increasingly godless, but that things are still as good as they are is because even now many of the godless still hold to a generally Christian understanding of justice, gender, faithfulness, and more. What two recent US Supreme Court decisions show is what happens when those underpinnings are abandoned entirely – then a country's top justice can be left unsure as to what justice even is. Psychology board levels ironic charge against Jordan Peterson The College of Psychologists of Ontario (CPO) ordered Jordan Peterson to undergo some remedial media training – re-education" as he put it – after he expressed political opinions on Twitter. The CPO said Peterson's comments risked ""undermining public trust in the profession of psychology, and trust in the college's ability to regulate the profession in the public interest." The irony here is that the CPO is doing just that in going after Peterson for political opinions that many share. Evolution "facts": You can't trust everything you hear (14 min) This is a charming exposé of how evolutionists will often tell stories that are: 1) technically true but misleading 2) only theories but presented as facts 3) flat-out gross exaggerations This is an Intelligent Design critique of evolution, so that means they buy into millions of years. But for how it shows the evolutionary emperor is wearing no clothes, this is a must-see. ...