Ode to hurt…or why my tolerant nature can’t stand your opinions

I’m hurting I am, and I want you to know,
That the pain I am feeling, isn’t likely to go.
I’m hurting I am, it’s your opinions you see,
I just can’t accept them, I do not agree.

D’you not pay attention, d’you not see the news?
This post-modern world has no place for your views.
They’re outdated, outmoded, outrageous no doubt,
And lots, lots more words beginning with out.

Reactionary, Dark Ages, Stone Age repression,
And other assorted clichéd expressions.
That’s what I think of your bigoted rants,
Which contrast so starkly with my own tolerance.

You’ve made me so angry, so hurt, even bitter,
What can I do, but to go onto Twitter?
Hashtag #BigotedIntolerantPhobe,
Said something that hurt me, so I’m telling the globe.

I’ll put it on Facebook, Instagram too,
The world needs to know the pain caused by you.
Pain that keeps giving and won’t find relief,
For I simply can’t cope with a different belief.

But being free-thinking, I’m perfectly fine,
That others have thoughts that are different to mine.
I must draw the line though, with views such as yours,
Against which there really ought to be laws.

Don’t get me wrong, I’m 100 percent,
Committed to free speech and the right to dissent.
But it’s Twenty-Nineteen and I can’t understand,
Why opinions like yours still haven’t been banned.

The law ought to treat them as Hate Crimes, it should,
Then you’d have to keep them all up in your head, yes you would.
And not only Hate Crimes, but Hurt Speech I say,
On account of them really upsetting my day.

Enough is enough, I’m really perturbed,
My tolerant nature has been greatly disturbed.
From now on I beg, keep your views well hid.
Did I tell you they hurt me? Yes you hurt me, you did.

Rob Slane is the author of A Christian and Unbeliever discuss Life, the Universe, and Everything.

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