Editor’s note: When Dr. Adams turned 90 this year, his colleague, Donn Arms, was reminded of a prayer Adams had written back in 1978 for a book titled, Prayers for Troubled Times. Adams was nearing 50 at the time, and the prayer is one that may inspire many middle-aged readers to speak something similar to our God.

And for younger readers, it offers something to consider: what would an older you wish the younger you had done more of?


I’m tired.
_____As I grow older
_____fatigue comes sooner.
_____This worn and weary frame
_____no longer functions
_____as it once did.
That I may continue to serve You
_____and live the rest of my days
_____to their full
_____is my prayer.
I know, Lord, that I must learn
_____to recognize limitations,
_____to choose among opportunities,
_____to eliminate excess baggage.
But that knowledge comes hard.
_____I am not wise;
_____I need to understand
_____much more that I now know
_____of the practical application
_____of your Word
_____to these matters.
Forgive me Lord
_____for not learning sooner,
_____for wasting time
_____and dissipating energy
_____I now wish I had.
_____I see the importance
_____of these commodities
_____now that I am beginning
_____to run short of them.
I want to serve You
_____to the end,
_____not in a lackluster manner,
_____nor in weariness of flesh,
_____but vivaciously,
_____conserving and wisely using
_____all my remaining strength
__________for Your glory,

This is reprinted with permission from a February 6 post at

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