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10 Fantastic FREE creationist/ID clips

There’s something to be said for short and sweet. Each of the following 10 clips is just 10 minutes or less, with some taking down evolution, some celebrating the Bible’s trustworthiness, and others exploring just how “fearfully and wonderfully” we are made (Psalm 139:14).

Don’t miss the very last one! (That’s my favorite.)

1. Our cells’ microscopic power generators (3 minutes)

2. Evolutionary “proofs” that actually show devolution (1 minute)

3. Mutations are causing us to devolve, not evolve (2 minutes)

4. The simple cell is insanely complex (3 minutes)

5. Even a bird’s feathers are amazingly designed! (2 minutes)

6. An introduction to irreducible complexity (4 minutes)

7. Is antibiotic resistance evidence for evolution? (6 minutes)

8. Noah’s Ark – a real boat that was really big…and seaworthy (10 minutes)

9. Dolphins are designed to “see” and hear underwater (4 minutes)

10. Starling murmuration is stunning! (4 minutes)

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