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What really happened to the dinosaurs?

by John Morris and Ken Ham
1990 / 32 pages

Some children, it seems, are born with a love for all things dinosaurs while others might need their curiosity stirred. In parental hands, What Really Happened to the Dinosaurs? could do some real stirring. Colorful watercolor graphics accompany a narrative journey about the dinosaurs – Tracker John and his dinosaur friend DJ take us to the beginning of history, when God made dinosaurs on the sixth day. They discover clues which teach them why dinosaurs are different than other land animals. As we travel along with Tracker John, we see how sin changed God’s good creation, and how the Flood may have life for the dinosaurs.

One neat aspect of this large hardcover picture book is the many illustrations of dinosaurs and humans living side by side. This is a fact of history that is denied by secular scientists, but has such power to capture a child’s imagination.

Children in the second grade and younger will enjoy having this book read out loud to them, and the rainbow of colors used in the artwork will draw in young eyes. However, some more technical paragraphs will need to be summarized or skipped to make this a more attainable read-aloud for preschool kids aged 3 to 5. Older elementary kids in turn might find some of the watercolor graphics to be childish.

This book is therefore a great selection for the parent who wants to encourage their young children to study God’s big world, even when the topics can be confusing. But it does require some effort on the adult reader’s part to make the words interesting and understandable to their young listeners.

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Book Reviews, Children’s non-fiction

Guide to Dinosaurs

by the Institute of Creation Research 2014 / 120 pages Hardly any other field of science has been so distorted by secular, unbiblical theories as that of the dinosaurs. The Institute of Creation Research (or ICR), has done significant work in righting that wrong, and this encyclopedic book is born out of their labors. Information is neatly organized and covers Biblical history, fossils, and types of dinosaurs. Concise two-page spreads on topics such as What is a Dinosaur?, Dinosaur Extinction, and Did Dinosaurs Evolve into Birds? answer all your dino-related questions. This is an ideal book for school libraries to offer, as students will find this book invaluable in their research papers. Teachers and parents will find great illustrations to help children understand the history of dinosaurs from a reliably Christian perspective. For the dino-maniacs, at least a third of this book delves into dinosaur types and sub-types, including notes on the structure, distinctions, likely diet and current locations of fossils found for each type. Kids will enjoy the beautiful visual aids that show what each dinosaur would have looked like, and how big they were compared to humans. Finally, this book ends with a short but invaluable section on “dinosaurs in the big picture” which summarizes sections and includes a brief paragraph pointing us to the most important conclusion: fossils are the result of death, the wages of sin. ...