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For four decades, a Christian media outreach program called "Voice of the Church" teamed up with dozens of Reformed pastors to produce 7-15 minute meditations from Scripture that were aired weekly on radio stations in North America. This outreach concluded its work in 2022. The collection of over 900 Bible meditations was entrusted to Reformed Perspective. Republished as a podcast, may they continue to feed our hungry souls as we journey to our eternal home.

The podcast is called Manna, and is available through the RP App, Podbean, and various other podcast sources (here is the RSS link). The full list of audio, video, and PDF message are shared below as well.

Voice Of The Church Messages

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Title  Series Minister Scripture Date Type Audio Video PDF
This Way C. Bosch Jun 10, `12 Radio
Three Very Good Fruits C. Bosch Sep 11, `16 Radio
Times of refreshing C. Bosch Jun 2, `13 Radio
Today you will be with me Steven Swets Mar 31, `20 Radio
Too young to take charge? Paul Aasman May 1, `16 Radio
Transcendent Joy - Philippians 4:4-7 Daniel Ventura Jan 4, `21 Radio
True freedom of the heart Rev. Richard Aasman Feb 14, `10 Radio
True rest for the weary C. Bosch Aug 26, `07 Radio
True therapy for anxiety J. VanWoudenberg Aug 6, `17 Radio
Trust in the Lord C. Bosch Aug 12, `12 Radio
Trust in the Lord C. Bosch Sep 14, `08 Radio
Trust In The Lord C. Bosch Aug 8, `02 Radio
Trust in the Lord   J. deGelder Psalm 27:1-3 Sep 4, `05 Radio
Trusting God Rev. Richard Wynia May 30, `10 Radio
Trusting God in trying times Ruth Dr. Jeff Temple Sep 26, `20 Radio
Truth is better than lies C. Bosch Aug 27, `17 Radio
Truth is better than lies C. Bosch Sep 7, `08 Radio
Truth Is Better Than Lies C. Bosch Aug 1, `02 Radio
Turning on the Light R. Bredenhof Nov 2, `08 Radio
Two different houses C. Bosch Sep 19, `10 Radio
Uncompromising Faith Daniel Greg Bylsma Jul 28, `19 Radio
Under Pressure Greg Bylsma Jul 3, `21 Radio
Unfaithfulness B. Tiggelaar Matthew 5:27-32 Mar 29, `02 Radio
Union and communion with God William Den Hollander Jun 19, `22 Radio
United in purpose Gerrit Bruintjes Apr 24, `16 Radio
Use God's name, but not in vain C. Bosch Sep 28, `08 Radio
Use God's Name, But Not in Vain C. Bosch Aug 22, `02 Radio
Victory of Satan Rev. Richard Wynia Apr 3, `11 Radio
Wait for the Lord C. Bosch Aug 26, `12 Radio
Wait for the Lord J. deGelder Psalm 27:11-14 Sep 25, `05 Radio
Waiting for the LORD Clarence VanderVelde Jun 6, `21 Radio
Waiting in faith Rev. Richard Wynia Dec 2, `12 Radio
Water into wine? Clarence VanderVelde Jun 17, `18 Radio
We are more than conquerers Rev. D. deBoer May 12, `13 Radio
We are more than conquerers Rev. Richard Wynia May 23, `10 Radio
We love because He has first loved us C. Bosch Sep 26, `10 Radio
We saw His star J. Louwerse Dec 23, `07 Radio
We want to see Jesus C. Bosch Aug 19, `12 Radio
Wearing the Saviour's robe P. Holtvluwer Oct 21, `07 Radio
What are You Seeking? Hilmer Jagersma 1 Chronicles 28:9 Feb 2, `14 Radio
What Awaits Us? Peter Feenstra Psalm 73 Dec 17, `18 Radio
What do you call sin? J Huijgen Jan 2, `05 Radio
What Do You Do With God's Word? D. Agema 1 Thessalonians 1:4-10 Nov 8, `15 Radio
What do you want me to do? What do you want me to do? Paul Aasman Jan 15, `17 Radio
What does it mean to be reformed? C. Bosch Aug 24, `14 Radio
What is a Sermon? Podcasts Various Speakers Nov 10, `19 Podcast
What is our Mission? Greg Bylsma 2 Corinthians 5:10-11 Sep 4, `22 Radio
What is our Purpose? James Zekveld Feb 28, `19 Radio
What is real love? Rev. Richard Wynia 1 Corinthians 13 Jan 31, `19 Radio
What is wrong with the World C. Bosch Feb 5, `17 Radio
What Motivates Us? Greg Bylsma 2 Corinthians 5:13-15 Sep 4, `22 Radio
What qualifies us? Greg Bylsma 2 Corinthians 4:5-6 Sep 4, `22 Radio
What shall we do with the Song of Solomon Song of Solomon Rev. Ryan Swale Nov 6, `21 Radio
What strengthens your thankfulness? William Den Hollander Sep 28, `14 Radio
What's the cause of all this evil? C. Bosch Aug 12, `07 Radio
What's your guide to thankfulness? William Den Hollander Sep 21, `14 Radio
Whatever is lovely Rev. D. deBoer Mar 28, `09 Radio
Whatever is noble Rev. D. deBoer Mar 8, `09 Radio
Whatever is pure Rev. D. deBoer Mar 22, `09 Radio
Whatever is right Rev. D. deBoer Mar 15, `09 Radio
Whatever is true Rev. D. deBoer Philippians 4:8 Mar 1, `09 Radio
When Christians suffer Rev. Richard Wynia May 2, `10 Radio
When Life Feels Meaningless Wisdom Daniel Ventura Feb 27, `22 Radio
When love grows cold Song of Solomon Rev. Ryan Swale Feb 6, `22 Radio
When questions go unanswered Ecclesiastes Ian Wildeboer Ecclesiastes 8 Nov 14, `22 Radio
When questions go Unanswered Ecclesiastes Ian Wildeboer Ecclesiastes 8 Mar 21, `21 Sermon
Where did Jesus go? C. Bosch Ephesians 1:22 May 25, `14 Radio
Where do you think you're going C. Bosch Feb 26, `17 Radio
Where does love come from? Rev. Richard Wynia 1 John 4:19 Jan 31, `19 Radio
Where does one hear about Jesus Christ? J. Moesker Oct 30, `05 Radio
Where does one hear about Jesus? J Huijgen Jan 30, `05 Radio
Where is your Security? Greg Bylsma Luke 12:16-34 Feb 7, `21 Radio
Who am I? Marc Jagt Jun 19, `16 Radio
Who cares? C. Bosch Sep 20, `15 Radio
Who equips us? Greg Bylsma 2 Corinthians 4:7 Sep 4, `22 Radio
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