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For four decades, a Christian media outreach program called "Voice of the Church" teamed up with dozens of Reformed pastors to produce 7-15 minute meditations from Scripture that were aired weekly on radio stations in North America. This outreach concluded its work in 2022. The collection of over 900 Bible meditations was entrusted to Reformed Perspective. Republished as a podcast, may they continue to feed our hungry souls as we journey to our eternal home.

The podcast is called Manna, and is available through the RP App, Podbean, and various other podcast sources (here is the RSS link). The full list of audio, video, and PDF message are shared below as well.

Voice Of The Church Messages

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Title  Series Minister Scripture Date Type Audio Video PDF
A Bad Fall from God A Bad Fall from God Ryan Kampen Mar 12, `17 Radio
A Beautiful Perspective Peter Feenstra Dec 26, `19 Radio
A Beautiful Perspective Peter Feenstra Ecclesiastes 3:11 Dec 31, `18 Radio
A Biblical view of Economics Podcasts Various Speakers Jan 22, `20 Podcast
A Biblical View of Government Podcasts Various Speakers Feb 27, `20 Podcast
A Biblical view of Socialism & Free Market System Podcasts Various Speakers Feb 29, `20 Podcast
A Biblical View On Economic Systems Podcasts Various Speakers Jan 24, `20 Podcast
A Biblical view on Global and National Debt Podcasts Various Speakers May 1, `20 Podcast
A Biblical view on Household and Personal Debt Podcasts Various Speakers May 4, `20 Podcast
A Call For Committment C. Bosch Sep 18, `16 Radio
A Call to Repent J. VanVliet Acts 3:19A Jul 8, `02 Radio
A Criminal on a Cross Gerrit Bruintjes Apr 10, `16 Radio
A Double Miracle J. VanVliet Acts 3:6 Jul 1, `02 Radio
A foretaste of the day of the Lord Anonymous Apr 29, `07 Radio
A Fruit of the spirit Ian Wildeboer Aug 15, `20 Radio
A full payment by Christ Ryan Kampen Apr 22, `18 Radio
A Full Payment by Christ Ryan Kampen Mar 19, `17 Radio
A Funeral Procession Halted Clarence VanderVelde Jun 9, `20 Radio
A future blessing D. VandeBurgt Jan 19, `03 Radio
A Glorious Transformation Jake Torenvliet Apr 18, `21 Radio
A Glorious Victory Steve VanLeeuwen Dec 24, `17 Radio
A glorious victory Steve VanLeeuwen Luke 2:14 Dec 22, `13 Radio
A Good Friday! J. Witteveen Apr 5, `15 Radio
A Good Start with God A Good Start with God Ryan Kampen Mar 5, `17 Radio
A Great Light Jonathan Chase Dec 17, `17 Radio
A great Light Jonathan Chase Isaiah 9:6,7 Dec 15, `13 Radio
A Heavenly Inheritance Andrew Pol Jul 11, `10 Radio
A King of Justice J. deGelder Dec 7, `08 Radio
A King of Peace J. deGelder Dec 14, `08 Radio
A Lamp and a Light Clarence VanderVelde Nov 6, `16 Radio
A Living Hope Andrew Pol Jul 4, `10 Radio
A lost generation C. Bosch Nov 25, `12 Radio
A Message of Hope Tyler Vandergaag Dec 3, `17 Radio
A message of hope Tyler Vandergaag Genesis 3:15 Dec 1, `13 Radio
A miracle of salvation Marc Jagt Jan 10, `10 Radio
A mystery Guest has come; Jesus Mark William Den Hollander Mark 1:1-13 Aug 31, `19 Radio
A new creation C. Bosch Revelation 21 Nov 30, `14 Radio
A new heaven and a new earth Rev. Richard Aasman Oct 5, `08 Radio
A New King Announced J. deGelder Dec 21, `08 Radio
A New King Born J. deGelder Dec 28, `08 Radio
A New Life C. Bosch Romans 6:5-11 Jan 24, `16 Radio
A New Name C. Bosch Jan 17, `16 Radio
A New Song C. Bosch Psalm 33:3 Jan 10, `16 Radio
A past blessing D. VandeBurgt Jan 5, `03 Radio
A Pearl Of Great Price C. Bosch Sep 25, `16 Radio
A Plea for Humble Christian Love Daniel Ventura Philippians 2:1-5 Jan 24, `21 Radio
A Portrait of the person who walks with God Psalms Dick Wynia Psalm 15 Jun 6, `19 Radio
A present blessing D. VandeBurgt Jan 12, `03 Radio
A Promise of Colossal Change Julius VanSpronsen Jan 15, `02 Radio
A Prophesy Fulfilled Johan Bruintjes Dec 31, `17 Radio
A prophesy fulfilled Johan Bruintjes Isaiah 56:1,2 Dec 29, `13 Radio
A radical change Daniel Greg Bylsma Aug 12, `19 Radio
A real life with Christ Ryan Kampen Apr 29, `18 Radio
A Real Life with Christ A Real Life with Christ Ryan Kampen Mar 26, `17 Radio
A Reason to Rejoice! Rev. C. Kleyn Apr 4, `10 Radio
A Serious Call R. Bredenhof Hosea 14:1-4 Jan 4, `04 Radio
A Simple Request R. Bredenhof Matthew 7:7-12 Jan 18, `04 Radio
A Solid Foundation R. Bredenhof Matthew 7:24-27 Jan 11, `04 Radio
A Strong Leader R. Bredenhof John 1:19-29 Jan 25, `04 Radio
A stunning invitation to marriage Song of Solomon Rev. Ryan Swale Nov 6, `21 Radio
A time of Anxiety Hilmer Jagersma Jul 28, `20 Radio
A transformed heart Ruth Dr. Jeff Temple Sep 26, `20 Radio
A Trustworthy Saying: Jesus Came to Save Sinners Sermon on the Mount G.H. VanPopta 1 Timothy 1:15 Feb 22, `02 Radio
A Two-for-One Deal Clarence VanderVelde Jun 9, `20 Radio
Abide with me D. Agema Psalm 139:7-12 Sep 14, `03 Radio
Above all C. Bosch Oct 25, `19 Radio
Above all C. Bosch Oct 26, `14 Radio
Admiring God's winter R. Bredenhof Nov 23, `08 Radio
Afraid for the future? J. Moesker Luke 12:32 Dec 28, `03 Radio
Against You O Lord Have I Sinned Rev. Richard Aasman Jun 29, `02 Radio
Aim for the narrow gate C. Bosch Aug 19, `07 Radio
Alive in Christ Gospel of John (Lazarus) Steven Swets Mar 25, `22 Radio
Amazing grace Anonymous Feb 11, `07 Radio
Amen, come Lord Jesus Rev. Richard Aasman Oct 26, `08 Radio
An everlasting covenant Anonymous May 27, `07 Radio
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