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Top 10 RP articles of 2023

Is it a little too ironic that two Top 10 lists are there at the top of our list of our Top 10 articles of the year? Shucks, who doesn’t like a good Top 10 list, especially when one celebrates good movies, and the other celebrates fantastic fantasy novels.

And here are the rest, starting at #10 and counting up to top article of the year. If you’re interested in past year’s lists, be sure to check out 2022, 2021, 2020, 2019, 2018, and 2017.

#10 – Why do we suffer? Buddhism vs. Christianity

This is likely the most popular article – at least online – that RP has published, with more than 50,000 views on our old website, and still challenging people each year again on the new one. What’s the appeal? The stark, clarifying contrast between Buddhism’s “answer” to suffering and the only real comfort to be had, from God Himself.

#9 – Is Creation worth fighting about?

“In the creation vs. theistic evolution debate, there are a lot of Christians who aren’t prepared to pick a side. They aren’t loyal to 6 days or billions of years, perhaps believing they need a theology or science degree to be qualified to take a stand. They don’t want to be forced to pick one team over the other. However, when the question is ‘Does this matter?’ then not picking a side is still picking a side. Refusing to choose is only legitimate if this is no big thing. So is it really no big thing… or is it huge?”

#8 – Calvin’s Institutes: Which edition should you read?

We aren’t supposed to judge a book by its cover… but we do. And even more so, we judge it by its font, layout, and, in this case, translator. So, with three main translations of Calvin’s key work, here’s what you need to know to pick the right one for you.

#7 – Infant baptism vs. believers-only baptism: what’s the main difference?

Wonderfully concise, here’s a key, often-overlooked argument.

#6 – 20+ Christian fiction suggestions for your 10-15-year-old boys

There is some great fantasy fiction out there, so if you’re trying to keep your boys interested in reading, here’s a list of 20 books, most of them fantasy, that’ll grab their attention (and might make for a great last-minute present).

#5 – Christianity explains everything…including Reincarnation

Yes, the Christian worldview explains even reincarnation. First published back in 2020, this article didn’t make that year’s Top 10, but has every year since then.

#4 – Is recreational marijuana sinful?

First published back in 2017, this remains every bit as relevant even with marijuana now legalized in Canada.

#3 – Christian fantasy after Tolkien: a Top 10

If your kids are just gobbling books, and have already worked their way through Tolkien’s The Hobbit and Lord of the Rings and Lewis’s Narnia, then what’s next? Here’s a Top 10 list of Christian fantasy novels – some more obviously Christian than others – that they can check out next!

#2 – The truth matters: analyzing the facts beneath the “mass burials” at residential schools

Back in 2021, a report of more than 215 possible graves at a Kamloops residential school prompted the Canadian flag to be lowered to half mast across the country for months. But to this point, no bodies have actually been unearthed. That matters, because, as Mark Penninga argues, truth is important for reconciliation.

#1 – Top 10 films on PureFlix right now

The title of this one was a bit of a misnomer, as 20 films were recommended, 10 for mom and dad, and another 10 just for the kids. This was published way back in January, but updated again just a couple weeks ago so it should still be current.

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Top 10 RP articles of 2022

Two news events of 2022 pop up in this Top 10 list, the first unsurprisingly regarding vaccine mandates, and the other a ripple of the astonishing overturn of Roe vs. Wade. C.S. Lewis and John Calvin also make appearances. So, without further ado, here are the best of the past year! Click the titles to check them out. #10 – Why do we suffer? Buddhism vs. Christianity Sharon Bratcher pits the answers these two religions offer. This is an old article that on a previous version of the website had more than 80,000 read it. This last year another 2,000 checked it out. #9 – 20+ Christian fiction suggestions for your 10-15-year-old boys Boys aged 10-15 can sometimes stop reading, so I didn’t want to pitch them run-of-the-mill material. Nope, I wanted to hit them with the best of the best, so what's included here are my top suggestions. #8 – Is recreational marijuana sinful? The answer this question was clearer when marijuana was still illegal. But as John Piper and others help us see, there's still a clear answer to be had. #7 – 10 tools to help pick a good flick You want to have a family movie night, but want to figure out beforehand if the film you have in mind is good or has problems. Here are ten easy to use tools to help you figure it out quick. #6 – Calvin’s Institutes: Which edition should you read? There are three main translations of this pivotal work. So which should you read? #5 – Pro-life memes and cartoons to share With the overturning this part year of the US Supreme Court's 1973 Roe vs. Wade decision which had legalized abortion, there was every reason for Christians to speak up for the defense of the unborn. And here was a small tool in that fight. #4 – The hidden meaning of The Chronicles of Narnia This has been on the yearly Top 10 every year since it was first published in 2020. Cap Stewart explains how we’ve only recently discovered that C.S. Lewis – for his own private amusement because he seems to have never told anyone – linked each of his famous Narnia books to one of the 7 planets as medieval cosmology understood them. #3 – Christianity explains everything...including Reincarnation This didn't make the Top 10 in 2020 when it was first published, but more than 3,000 people checked it out this year. #2 – The RP 52 in 2022 challenge A lawyer, a missionary, and an editor challenged each other to read 52 books in 2022. Find how they did, and all that they read. #1 – A group of 50 BC doctors are challenging Dr. Henry's vaccine mandates in court Reformed doctor Matt Dykstra, and a group of colleagues, have challenged the BC government's requirements for medical personal to be vaccinated or else, in many cases, lose their positions....