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Saturday Selections – Sept 25, 2021

Man has no idea how life could come from non-life (4 min)

This is Dr. James Tour pitching his course on how abiogenesis – life coming from non-life by natural (evolutionary) means – is clearly, obviously, and completely impossible. This is only a “trailer” of sorts, and Tours says of the longer video:

“Look, some people are going to love this video. Other people are going to say this is the perfect cure for insomnia. I understand that. I just want you to feel my pain when people suggest we understand how to do this.”

10 reasons not to give your kids a smartphone

This from 2018, but every bit as relevant today. It’s important parents not be naieve: even in Christians schools girls are sending “adult” selfies to male classmates asking for them.

Should creationists “brook” a loss of a trout?

Biblical stewards will look at this differently than survival-of-the-fittest evolutionists.

How Big Data’s covid-monitoring could be used to control people post-pandemic

Monitoring tools governments are putting in place to control Covid can be put to other purposes.

Every moment is a gift: the radical hope of rejecting assisted suicide

After this father and husband was told he had just 4 months to live, he spent the next 3 years telling people that “every moment is a gift.”

What’s said here is true and beautiful but what missing is the answer to the question: gift from Who? Our lives are precious, not simply because ending them might rob us of potential joys that could still be coming. They are precious not simply because our suicide might lead others to do the same. The foremost reason our lives are precious is because every moment is indeed a gift from our gracious God and we need to recognize the Author, and still Owner, of our lives, is the one to decide just how much life He will gift to us.

Fewer rules in parenting? (7 min)

Douglas Wilson with a helpful approach to parenting: have fewer rules.

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