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Saturday Selections – Sept 18, 2021

Worst pro-choice argument he’s ever seen

Tim Barnett takes on a popular but bizarre pro-abortion argument involving tapeworms.

Evolutionists show, once again, how imaginative they are 

Latest evolutionary find is a fossil from Egypt of a “four-legged whale.” The only problem? They don’t have any fossil remains of its legs….or pelvis.

Culture War 101 in just 10 minutes

“…human lives will be ruled by one of two fundamental forces: either truth or power. …our first parents exchanged the external rule of God and the objective truth of his world ‘out there’ for the internal rule of their own desires ‘in here’”

Getting good habits started – the two-minute rule

“The idea here is to make habits as easy as possible to start, with the hope that once we’ve started doing the right thing, it will be easier to continue doing it. Examples of creating a two-minute rule are:

  • “Read before bed each night” becomes “Read one page.”
  • “Write a book” becomes “Write one paragraph.”

Secular appreciation for the sabbath

A home decorating magazine “probably isn’t the first place you look to find insight into God’s design and His intent for Creation.” But here it is, a secular appreciation of the Third Commandment…

Citizens & Saints’ Made Alive (4 min)

An oldie and a goodie.

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Saturday Selections – Sept 11, 2021

Focusing on income equality is envious and unjust God wants us to help the poor (Deut 15:7-11), but He also told us not to covet what the rich have (Ex. 20:17). That, then, is the problem with those that focus on income inequality: they may want to help the poor, but theirs is an envious approach. And it shouldn't surprise us that it doesn't work, as the video below shows. What does the Bible say about mandatory vaccines? (10-min read) P. Andrew Sandlin argues that while the Bible doesn't speak directly to mandatory vaccines, it does offer principles which apply. Incrementalism and the Texas abortion law There are some spats going on between the two pro-life camps – incrementalists and abolitionists – over Texas's new pro-life law. Douglas Wilson highlights the strengths and shortcomings of both groups with this must-read for all pro-lifers! Late economist warns about being overly confident in "Science" We've heard a lot about "believing the Science" and "following the Science." But to act as if there is only the Science, and no alternate expert opposing opinions is to treat some scientists (and not others) as having God-like expertise, beyond mistakes and above questioning. Then there is the problem that Science, even were it to be definitive, only gives us insights into what is, and not what ought to be done. The cost of lockdowns may exceed the benefit... It's all arguable, but that those costs land largely on the poor is more clear. How one mother saved her child from going transgender It was about controlling the child's education and who got to be her teachers. Jumping slow motion (7 min) Anything that can fly is amazing, and that so many different-looking bugs can fly is even more amazing. Some bugs even have gears – God is an artist and an engineer! ...