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Saturday Selections – July 23, 2022

Wikipedia’s bias (8 min)

One of Wikipedia’s founders now describes it as propaganda for the leftwing.

The passive husband

A passive husband can come off as likable enough, because he isn’t actively working at anything bad. He may even be quite the hard worker outside the home. He’s just checking out when he gets home

A sentence to bring down abortion (10-min read)

We are amazed by stories of individuals who risked their lives to do what is right. But more remarkable still is that a whole village made the same decision to, en masse, to save Jews? What motivated them? How can they inspire us?

Free markets bring shalom

The least economically free countries have an infant mortality rates almost seven times that of the most free. While Christians know that material prosperity isn’t an end in itself, we also know longer life, and happy babies are blessings worth sharing, and we can do so by encouraging economic freedom.

New York Times proposing better rules for sex?

As a recent NYT article highlighted, some in the world “are realizing how sex without restrictions leads to personal and social chaos. ….Our job is to take it one step deeper, and to point with our words and our lives to a better way.”

The amazing flying frog…and its evolutionary critics (2 min)

In the video clip below, a BBC naturalist highlights just how amazing the Wallace Flying Frog is… but then he criticizes it as badly designed for only being able to glide, and not fly. This type of fault-finding is common among evolutionists, and it blinds them to the amazing reality right in front of them. As the linked creationist article above highlights – and this evolutionist also concedes – this little frog is brilliantly equipped for the treetop environment it inhabits. The criticism that it can’t fly is petty, akin to faulting the Mona Lisa for not showing us some teeth.

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Saturday Selections - July 16, 2022

Dude Perfect Jr.? These kids are likely to inspire your own with all their ballon-popping trick shots. The myth that sports stadiums create new jobs and tax revenue The Kansas City Chiefs have reportedly been thinking of moving. But why? Because another city is willing to give them more, under the presumption that having the Chiefs will help their city. But is that really so? There's lots of reasons to think it isn't. "...people who go to home games are mostly people from in-town. Those people don’t spend additional money in town when they go to a sporting event. They spend money that they would have spent elsewhere in town. Instead of a nice lunch, people go to a ballgame and get a hotdog. In other words, this is substitutionary spending—not new spending. And what about out-of-town visitors? Well, given the data shows no impact, it must be the case that this spending just isn’t very significant. Perhaps it’s outweighed by die-hard Chiefs fans spending their money in other cities during away games." What lowering the voting age would do There's a push on in some countries to lower the voting age to 16, or even younger. That's only natural in a culture that worships youth. But would a younger voting age actually help those it's supposed to? No, as J. Budziszewski writes: "It would only mean increasing the political clout of those who have influence through the young. Pop stars. Sports coaches. Schoolteachers. Writers and editors of media aimed at teens. Especially people in such groups who have no children of their own to take up their time and attention." Is the human shoulder badly designed? Some folks will look at a brilliant diamond and search it out for a fault, no matter how imperceptible. So it is with our amazing design, and the way evolutionists assess it - they want to find fault, even if they have to get inventive to do it Preach Christianity's weird stuff "...reimagining Jesus and Christianity to appeal to skeptics and unbelievers is nothing new. The result is always the same: We end up with a Jesus who looks nothing like the Jesus of history but looks an awful lot like the person doing the reinventing." Is secular education safe for Christian? Is there anything "neutral" about public schools? Were a teacher to say anything about God, or about how God meant marriage for one man and one woman, we know that teacher would be fired in an instant. Yet the opposite view can be presented and promoted. As Shafer Parker explains, secular education has always been anti-Christian. ...