Saturday Selections – April 6, 2019

5 ways dads can encourage our daughters

This isn’t all that long but it’s worth reading through slowly and considering how to put these into practice with your daughters.

RC Sproul on “Are there contradictions in the Bible?”

This is a short, succinct, and entertaining answer from a very special teacher.

Teaching our kids not to be bystanders to bullying

“Bystanders don’t need to do what their name implies: stand by. They can stand up and do something…. One kid can make a huge difference. Really. Just one.”

Free commentary on Ephesians

We haven’t read this commentary, but others in this commentary series have been well worth recommending. The ebook of Richard Coekin’s Ephesians For You is free all April but you do have to give them your email address.

May same-sex attracted Christians have exclusive relationships?

Sam Alberry is writing to Christians struggling with homosexual temptation but his reminder is a good one for all: friendship can be intimate, but it isn’t exclusive.

Are we starting to see through environmental tokenism?

The difference between biblical stewardship and secular environmentalism comes down to the type of worship offered. God despises virtue-signaling and blasts pharisaical worship (Luke 18:9-14) so He expects us to use our talents to do real good. But environmentalism’s false gods – whether that’s trees, the ocean, the planet, or the public – can’t tell the difference between doing good and merely looking good. That’s why the world’s environmentalism often amounts to tokenism. Two examples: the recycling programs that have been rampant in cities across North America for decades, and the recent straw bans that have been put in place by Seattle and other cities.

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