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Saturday Selections – April 30, 2022

Meet one of Canada’s anti-abortion influencers (6 min)

Though this profile is by a decidedly left-wing outlet, it still can’t help highlight how impactful pro-life warrior Laura Klassen, and her friends, have been on behalf of the unborn. Klassen’s own videos, with her satiric takes on pro-choice “logic,” can be seen here, here, here, here, and here, and you can also check out her BC-based pro-life group Choice42.

It’s wrong to play the pronoun game

It’s not harmless to offer up your “preferred pronouns” and Christians mustn’t have any part of it.

Why Disney has gone woke (10-min read)

Why would a company that’s built around family viewing decide to double down on an LGBT agenda so many families oppose?

It’s because Disney’s new “customer base isn’t kids. It’s messed up adults.” Walt’s original “business model depended on a healthy national family” but today’s “shareholders are not going to bet on a growth segment in the American nuclear family that doesn’t exist. Betting on dysfunctional adults with sizable disposable incomes makes a whole lot more sense.” That’s why “60% of Disneyland visitors were adults with no children.”

No-fault divorce ignores data… and children

The UK is bringing in no-fault divorce with the argument that it will “remove unnecessary conflict from the process by ending the blame game — helping [to] spare children from the harmful effects this can have.” But, as John Stonestreet explains:

“This, ‘the kids will be fine’ line, is not just nonsense: it’s dangerous nonsense. It flies in the face of everything we know about the impact of divorce on the most vulnerable among us.”

The unlikely rise of Vladimir Putin (10-minute read)

How did Putin rise to power? Thinkr offers book summaries – 10-minute reads with key insights from various bestsellers – and this time they’ve summed up Masha Gessen’s The Man Without A Face, her biography about this infamous world leader.

Does the free market help the poor than any other economic system?

“As Christians understand, material wealth is not the be-all and end-all of human existence, however:

  • Only market societies have generated wealth sufficient to meet the basic human needs of entire populations.
  • Only market societies have generated sufficient wealth to generate widespread and organized assistance for those unable to care for themselves.
  • Only market societies have generated sufficient wealth to promote other important human objectives, including nutrition and health, environmental protection, and even human happiness.”

Your cell has a DNA detangler! (5 min)

Ever tried to detangle your daughter’s hair? God has packed a tiny machine in each of your cells that does the same job for your DNA. This is so unbelievably cool!

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