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Saturday Selections – April 10, 2021

Education as Warfare (1 min)

While this is from a Reformed homeschooling curriculum company,  the overall message applies to Christian schools of any sort.

Help for doubting Christians

“Sooner or later every thoughtful Christian will feel the unsettling, soul-gripping claw of doubt…. In Mark 9, God helps His people process doubt by describing three kinds of unbelief.”

How would your child draw Noah’s Ark?

Even Christian kids have mistaken ideas of the size and dimensions of Noah’s Ark and it matters. This article comes with two free coloring sheets at the end that you can print off for your kids.

Humanists know something many Christians don’t: that school teaches worldviews

“Education is thus a most powerful ally of Humanism, and every American public school is a school of Humanism What can the theistic Sunday-school, meeting for an hour once a week, and teaching only a fraction of the children, do to stem the tide of a five-day program of humanistic teaching?” – Charles Francis Potter, founder of the First Humanist Society of New York (1929).

Letter from a mourning mother: “When the trans movement discards my daughter, I’ll be here for her.”

In the transgender debate, the Christian defense often comes off as being about our rights to use whatever pronouns we want. But the reason we want to be able to speak God’s truth freely – that He determines gender and not Man – is because of our heart for the confused and rebellious people who desperately need to hear that Truth. An article like this shows that love and concern for these confused folk.

Greg Bahnsen on evolution and the development of the eye (3 min)

Apologist Greg Bahnsen talks about the foolishness of believing in evolution.

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Saturday Selections - April 3, 2021

Bach, in the forest, on a really, really long xylophone (3 min) The phone this advertizes is long gone, but its commercial is standing the test of time. More on Rod Dreher's "Live not by lies" "Solzhenitsyn...told the Russian people that totalitarianism is built on lies and the people’s fear. The way to defeat it is to not live by lies." In other words, if you are scared to stand up for the truth, at the very least commit to not speaking the lie. Protecting minors from pornography This free 33-page e-book from the computer monitor company Covenant Eyes is aimed at Church youth group leaders, but there is lots here for parents, pastors, and elders to benefit from. Many college grads believe life has been created in the lab "...more than 41 percent of respondents thought that origin of life researchers had created 'complex life forms from scratch,' such as frogs, using simple chemicals and conditions that “approximate Earth’s early atmosphere.” .... To put it kindly, the respondents’ great expectations about the accomplishments of origin of life researchers are wrong. Wildly so. Origin of life researchers have not created a frog or a bacterium.... they haven’t created a functional membrane, or a ribosome, or flagella or cilia, or any of dozens of additional parts and molecular machines required for even the simplest living bacterium..." How Canada's government is supposed to work, and how it does (15-minute read) A very helpful overview of the state of things, by REAL Women of Canada. When good intentions harm children It's a no-brainer that we should ban child labor, right? But what if doing so leaves some children in an even worse situation? How did people live to be 900 years old before the flood? (10 minutes) Lifespans that passed 900 years have critics dismissing the reliability of early biblical genealogies. But as Dr. John Sanford has noted, the long ages then, and shorter ages now, can be attributed to genetic degeneration - accumulated mutations that have caused us to be far less fit than our ancestors once were. This one is very interesting! ...