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Saturday Selections – April 3, 2021

Bach, in the forest, on a really, really long xylophone (3 min)

The phone this advertizes is long gone, but its commercial is standing the test of time.

More on Rod Dreher’s “Live not by lies”

“Solzhenitsyn…told the Russian people that totalitarianism is built on lies and the people’s fear. The way to defeat it is to not live by lies.” In other words, if you are scared to stand up for the truth, at the very least commit to not speaking the lie.

Protecting minors from pornography

This free 33-page e-book from the computer monitor company Covenant Eyes is aimed at Church youth group leaders, but there is lots here for parents, pastors, and elders to benefit from.

Many college grads believe life has been created in the lab

“…more than 41 percent of respondents thought that origin of life researchers had created ‘complex life forms from scratch,’ such as frogs, using simple chemicals and conditions that “approximate Earth’s early atmosphere.” …. To put it kindly, the respondents’ great expectations about the accomplishments of origin of life researchers are wrong. Wildly so. Origin of life researchers have not created a frog or a bacterium…. they haven’t created a functional membrane, or a ribosome, or flagella or cilia, or any of dozens of additional parts and molecular machines required for even the simplest living bacterium…”

How Canada’s government is supposed to work, and how it does (15-minute read)

A very helpful overview of the state of things, by REAL Women of Canada.

When good intentions harm children

It’s a no-brainer that we should ban child labor, right? But what if doing so leaves some children in an even worse situation?

How did people live to be 900 years old before the flood? (10 minutes)

Lifespans that passed 900 years have critics dismissing the reliability of early biblical genealogies. But as Dr. John Sanford has noted, the long ages then, and shorter ages now, can be attributed to genetic degeneration – accumulated mutations that have caused us to be far less fit than our ancestors once were. This one is very interesting!

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Saturday Selections - March 27, 2021

Greg Bahnsen on presuppositional apologetics and circular reasoning (4 minutes) Lots to chew on in this short 4-minute video. While it isn't for everyone, if you've heard the accusation that presuppositional apologetics is "begging the question" or circular reasoning, then you need to give this a listen. Why does it take so long to explain infant baptism? R. Scott Clark has a 15-episode series explaining infant baptism. But "why does it take so long to explain and defend infant baptism? If it is true, should we not be able to explain and defend it more briefly?" Well, if short is what you are after, Clark also has a 52-word explanation. But, what he explains/argues here is that our understanding of baptism is based on the way we understand the Bible in general... which is why it can be a big topic! What is Critical Race Theory? The folks at Breakpoint Ministries give their best go at a short answer in the linked article above, while James Lindsay digs deeper in a 1-hour presentation here. Why do algae "know" how to deal with rough seas? Single-cell algae have a plan for how to deal with rough seas that might otherwise destroy them. How does this plan get triggered...and where did this plan come from?  This is a bit of a technical read, but it is very short, and well worth the effort. Americans wildly misinformed about Covid dangers A majority of Americans surveyed overestimated the chances of Covid landing the average person in hospital by anywhere from 4 to 10 times the true danger. The study's authors concluded: "The U.S. public is also deeply misinformed about the severity of the virus for the average infected person.” Is it okay to do "x" on Sunday? A great succinct answer, from Sinclair Ferguson... What is your only comfort in life and death? (3 min) The Heidelberg Catechism's first question remains a thought-provoking (and an evangelism-helping?) one even today. ...

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