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Monday May 14 – Is anything too hard for the LORD?

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Behold, I am the LORD, the God of all flesh. Is anything too hard for me? – Jeremiah 32:27

Scripture Reading: Jeremiah 32

What perplexing moments have you faced in your life? What has happened to you that left you mystified? In our Scripture lesson, God tells Jeremiah (who had been disowned by his immediate family) that his relative will come to ask him to purchase some property that belongs within the extended family. It makes no sense. By normal standards, it is absurd to buy a field when the whole land is about to be lost.

Jeremiah does what is asked and then comes before the LORD to ask for understanding. Notice obedience precedes his prayer for clarity. His prayer begins with a deep sigh — in faith he is seeking understanding. He prays, confessing God’s greatness in both creation (vs. 17) and redemption (vs. 20-22). He acknowledges God’s justice (vs. 19). In short Jeremiah is asking for the ability to see God’s purposes.

For the world, seeing is believing. For the Christian, believing is seeing. And the Lord’s answer to Jeremiah, as it is to all His people: Nothing is too hard for the LORD! The remnant will be restored. God will see to it. His promise for His redeemed people holds firm.

The same God Who holds the stars in their appointed place in the skies beyond is perfectly able to hold our feet on the ground. Trust Him. Believe that His promises will come to fruition. Every one of them! Believe that Jesus Christ is our guarantee. Is there anything too hard for the LORD?

Suggestions for prayer

Just as the LORD promised His remnant a return to the promised land, so too those who are in Christ can eagerly anticipate in the inheritance of the Promised Land to come. Pray with rejoicing. Rejoice that His promises do not fail.

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