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Apple to expand its nudity blurring to video too

Apple’s newest iOS 17 update, coming this fall, will expand on its ability to detect and blur nudity on iPhones and iPads. It’ll now work not just with photos, but video content too. This feature will be turned on automatically for children 12 and under, while those 13 and up can opt-in.

While that’s a nice feature, it seems to be simply a warning. The user is told: “This could be sensitive. Are you sure you want to view?” It also includes an explanation of why a child might not want to proceed: “It’s not your fault, but naked photos and videos can be used to hurt you.” But the child can choose to ignore the warning. reported that, when the first version of this photo blurring tech was announced in 2021, Apple offered parents the option of knowing when their child chose to view the image. But Apple changed course, and didn’t equip parents with that tool.

In other words, this tech is a useful protection for children and adults who want to use it. But parents need to understand that it offers no help at all for children who are curious or tempted. For more substantial help, they’ll need to turn to apps offered by groups like CovenantEyes or Bark.

Got another such tool your family has used and appreciated? Please drop us a note about what it is, how much it costs a month, and why you liked it.

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Brain, Heart, World – a fantastic, free, 3-part documentary on pornography's harmful impact

Documentary 90 minutes / 2019 RATING: 8/10 Fight the New Drug is an anti-poverty group that's come up with an impressive 3-part documentary called Brain, Heart, World about what pornography consumption does to your brain, what it does to your relationships, and what it does to the world. Each part is half an hour, and while you do have to give them your email address, it's well worth doing (and they won't spam you). They've packaged up important psychological insights with compelling personal accounts, making this must-see TV. Maybe what's most impressive is that they're having a very open conversation about pornography, even as they keep that conversation very least for the first two episodes. With Episode 3, The World, since it is tackling sexual trafficking via first-hand accounts, there was really no way to keep it from being PG-13-ish. That said, this is as careful and delicate a presentation on this topic as I've seen. (Parents, if you're considering sharing and discussing this with your kids do be sure to preview it). This is an eye-opening presentation, but it is an entirely secular one. Fight the New Drug is "a non-religious and non-legislative organization" that teaches about the harmful effects of pornography "using only science, facts, and personal accounts." That means they operate from a materialist worldview that ignores the spiritual, and seemingly denies it. They don't speak to the repentance Jesus offers and in passing ways even minimize the need for it – at one point a girl says: "I realized it wasn't me that was bad; it was the porn that was bad." She gets close to the truth here, even as she completely misses it: the porn is irredeemable, but she isn't. Another example: in the Heart episode they share that researchers have found relationships the key to happiness such that "happiness is love." Now, understanding as we do, that relationship with God is the key to everlasting happiness, we might be tempted to say that here again they got it almost right. But seeing as they aren't actually pointing us to God, they also got it awfully wrong. In this way the series shortcomings are enormous; we can't fix a sin problem like lust and adultery without acknowledging it as a sin problem. That said, Christians can benefit enormously from watching series, because the series' shortcomings are the sort that we can fix with what God teaches us, and its strengths and insights can be a help when stacked on top of God's firm foundation. You can watch the series trailer below, and access the series itself here. ...