Saturday selections – Aug 12, 2017

The best articles this week, from Reformed and others sources….

What is the Shia Sunni divide?
Did you know some observant Muslims pray only three times a day? This short summary shares the origins of the split between Sunni and Shia Muslims.

Have smartphones destroyed a generation?
This is a longer piece with an over the top title, but worth the read. With new technology these types of scary articles will pop up – you can go back and find articles about how the phone – the good old landline – was going to harm society. So there is an irrational “anti-technology” impulse to watch out for.

But new technology does come with its challenges – it’s a new tool for us to master. What’s a bit different in this case is that this tool is being handed off to kids even as adults are still trying to figure out how to manage it. The result is that many kids aren’t being taught about the dangers and trained on how to deal with them. So, instead of mastering the tool, the tool is mastering them.

The real story of the “Miracle of Dunkirk”

Dunkirk is playing in theaters now, but the film misses out on the real miracle that went on.

How to prevent Global Warming? Prevent births!
God said children are a blessing, but more and more often global warming alarmists are saying children are the problem.

Why does this evolutionary biologist want to euthanize handicapped babies?
This article is not written from a specifically Christian perspective – this isn’t an example of the best way to argue against euthanasia. But what it does do is document that the slippery slope is real, and in doing so it offers supportive evidence to the Christian thesis that if we ignore God’s law, we are left with chaos.

12 questions to ask before you watch Game of Thrones
A new season has brought with it lots more hype. John Piper has 12 questions for Christians to ask before the watch Game of Thrones

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