Saturday Selections – September 22, 2018

The myth of the ongoing papacy

“If we believe the popular myth, we might think that there has been an unbroken succession of popes in Rome since Peter.” But it isn’t so.

When LGBT families come to church

It isn’t a matter of if, but only when. So how should we respond?

Going for the cheap casket

People who are grieving aren’t in an emotional place where they can negotiate. Should the Church intercede?

Why you can’t name the virtues

Are virtues the mid-point between two vices? For example, is the virtue of generosity the midpoint between the vices of miserliness and wastefulness?

Is gender dysphoria (transgenderism) contagious?

One preliminary study indicates it might be, which has the folks at Breakpoint wondering if this is one of those peer pressure “all the cool girls are transitioning” kind of things.

How to debunk transgender madness in 2 minutes

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