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Saturday Selections – October 31, 2020

Robot hummingbird spies on half-billion butterflies (3 min)

How do you get the inside scoop on 500 million wintering Monarch Butterflies? Send in a very small spy.

How to have more fun with your kids: 10 suggestions

There’ll be something in this list that any parent will enjoy doing with their kids.

Making progress: Intelligent Design paper passes peer review 

Mainstream science has rejected, for decades, that God’s creation gives evidence of having been designed. This rejection was not due to any lack of evidence, but due instead to Science’s a priori commitment to materialism, the belief that matter is all there is and that, therefore, a non-material Creator must not be. However, Materialism can’t be proven, and is actually disproven any time scientists use the non-material rules of logic to drawn their conclusions.

So it is a step forward that now – finally – an Intelligent Design paper has made it past peer review and been published in a major journal.

Poll: 30% of US women under 25 now identifying as other than heterosexual?

Any shocking poll should be taken with a grain of salt. And yet this is far from unbelievable.

Do not repay racism with racism

“God doesn’t instruct us to repay evil for evil or racism for racism. God doesn’t instruct black people to assume the worst of white people because some white people assume the worst of black people….”

Why Atheism can’t account for morality (5 minutes)

Jeff Durbin breaks down the 3 explanations atheism gives for morality. Generally speaking they are:

1) preference
2) societal convention
3) the desire to survive and flourish

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