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Saturday Selections – November 6, 2021

Safe spaces should be about being safe to share ideas, not being safe from ideas (5 min)

CNN host Van Jones wouldn’t be called a conservative by anyone so it was interesting to hear him take on the idea of “safe spaces” on university campuses

7 marks of a good apology, 8 marks of a bad one

This would be a good review for all of us!

One lesson of the pandemic? Humility

We have limitations in knowledge, time, and ability… but is that how we act? RP contributor Hendrik van der Breggen advocates for humility too in his article “We need some healthy skepticism about science and medicine.”

The great chromosome fiasco

“Follow the science” is a phrase often heard, but seldom considered. Who decides what the “science” says? Is it science when some say men can become women? Or when some say that the unborn are not alive? When it comes to evolution, no one can show how life could come from non-life on purpose, and yet science supposedly says it happened.

So nonsense can get passed along in the name of “following the science” and this short article shows how it sometimes happens.

What Jordan Peterson taught us about the Holocaust

“Dr. Jordan Peterson is frequently moved to tears as he begs his listeners to realize that it was so-called ‘good’ people and ‘normal’ people and ‘nice’ people that allowed the Holocaust to happen—and in many cases, even facilitated it. We must all realize, Peterson says with a passion that demands attention, that it was people like us who murdered the Jews, and it is essential that we understand why that happened, and how that happened.”

Serious or satire?

The Babylon Bee, a Christian satire site, and its sister site Not the Beewhich reports the news of the day, have crafted a 10-question quiz where you get to guess what’s fact and what’s farce. It says something about our culture’s crafters when the real and the ridiculous are so hard to tell apart.

Taste and see (5 min)

Shane and Shane with an amazing song based on Psalm 34.

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Saturday Selections - October 30, 2021

Do intersex people prove there are more than two genders? We live in a broken world, and that means that sometimes people are born with disabilities or disorders and that happens with our reproductive systems too. Without Luther, there would be no Bach (10 -minute read) Luther was born into a church culture that celebrated religious work above all else. But by time Bach was born, he was able to recognize that all of his music — whether sacred hymns or secular cantatas — should be and could be to the glory of God. We're all in a video game? Elon Musk seems determined to prove the adage that when you don't believe in God, you'll fall for anything. Tesla's founder isn't the only one proposing we might be "in the Matrix" so what's the attraction of supposing things to be so? As the article notes the appeal is that it, “gives atheists a way to talk about spirituality,” or something like it. It offers “a source of awe.” It even brings up similar questions for our simulators that one might ask of God: “Why did they create us? Why did they allow evil in their simulation?” “Why are we here?” And perhaps even, “Do they love us?” For a short read see the article above, but for an hour-long discussion on the same topic (between filmmaker Eric Hovind and astronomer Spike Psarris, creationists both) tune in here. Keeping our kids off porn (10-min read) "...delaying children’s private access to screens is the top piece of advice I heard from experts. " Did Calvin murder Michael Servetus? Jonathan Moorhead offers a short answer above, a medium answer in this interview, and a longer answer in his book The Trial of the 16th Century. Will Islam become the world's largest religion? That's what some are predicting will happen by 2050, but a closer look at the numbers gives us quite a different understanding. What's involved in throwing a strike? (2 min) There's a lot more going on than we might have realized. ...