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Saturday Selections – May 11, 2019

The world is rated R (50 minutes)

It is a parental impulse to shelter our children. But is our end goal to give our children comfortable lives? Or do we want children who can take a hit, who’ll talk smack with giants (1 Sam 17:45-47), who’ll demolish inflated opinions (2 Cor. 10:5), and who’ll just generally be itching to get out there and glorify God no matter how many bruises will result?

How to say “This is cr-p” [i.e. garbage] in different cultures

If you can overlook the crudity in the article’s title, it offers an insight useful to “plain-spoken” Dutchmen who are surprised when folks from other cultures find us brusque or rude.

Rachel Held Evans (1981-2019)

This article has been pulled, so an additional item has been added below.

How the government might take your children

This is not a clickbait headline.

“Imagine if tomorrow, a judge in the most liberal state in the country announced children no longer belong to their parents… From henceforth, says the decree, kids belong to the state. Outraged parents would take to the streets! Angry and refusing to capitulate.

“Well, that’s not how it goes. Instead, parental rights are taken a little at a time.”

McDonald’s and the minimum wage

Unskilled workers used to always be able to find a job at the fast food giant. But after the US government mandated increased benefits and salaries for McD’s workers, the restaurant chain has had to get more out of each employee to pay for those increases. That’s meant turning to automation. And that’s meant a dramatic drop in the number of McDonald’s employees.

Christian: If evolution is true, life is meaningless
Evolutionist: How dare you sir!

Eric Metaxas recently said, “If you actually believe we evolved out of the primordial soup and through happenstance got here, by accident, then our lives literally have no meaning.” In response, a prominent evolutionist said that was a “crock” and that he had hundreds of people giving him responses explaining the meaning and purpose they find in their lives.

But a look at those responses makes Metaxas’s point.

A wonderful example of getting the unborn heard!

When New York State passed a law increasing access to late-term abortions the question for pro-lifers was, how can we protest as loudly as possible? Focus on the Family responded by broadcasting a live ultrasound in the world’s busiest intersection, Times Square. They called the event “Alive from New York.”

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