Saturday Selections – Mar. 2, 2019

The Kara Tippets documentary is coming soon

When an regular Christian mom was diagnosised with terminal cancer, she decided to share what she was learning about God’s trustworthiness, and His love, and His goodness, even in the midst of her questions, and doubts, and slow decline. We’re all going to die, and this woman gave us an example of what it means to do even that to God’s glory.

Gay tennis icon criticized for saying men competing as women isn’t fair

Martina Navratilova is one of the greatest tennis players ever, and a lesbian activist. And when she criticized letting men compete as women she was kicked off an LGBT athletics group. In related news, this past week a British rapper identified as a woman just long enough to beat British women’s weight lifting records.

GOOD NEWS: Large protestant denomination reaffirms marriage is male/female

The devil would like us to think he runs this world. But we should never forget our God is King and He’s so powerful He can even make a mainstream denomination reject same-sex marriage. This past week the 12 million-member United Methodist Church stood strong on marriage, and while that might lead to division, they have rejected sinful compromise.

“Why do I act like I don’t love my wife?”

You love her…but you don’t always sound that way when you talk with her. So what’s wrong with you?

The risks of IVF

…but there is an alternative.

Are beneficial mutations support for evolution? (30 minutes)

Most mutations are harmful, but occasionally genetic mutations can be beneficial, even activating new functions in living things.

So do these kinds of changes support evolution? No…but, as this video podcast explores, they do fit well with biblical creation.

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