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Saturday Selections – June 5, 2021

When parenting gets overwhelming (3 min)

In this episode of her “Pep Talks for Moms” series, author Rachel Jankovic shares what she calls “The 20-Minute Rule” for those times when nothing is going right, and it’s just all too much.

4 ways the oceans show us a young earth

There’s too little salt, and too little nickel in our oceans for them to be millions of years old.

Helping homosexuals in “Pride Month”

The San Francisco Giants will be wearing rainbow-accented uniforms this month because they are “proud to stand with the LGBTQ+ community.” The children’s show Blue’s Clues is also joining in “Pride Month” – they recruited a drag queen to teach preschool children about pride parades, and the “a’s, bi’s, and pans…nonbinary…trans…” and “kings and queens” who march in them.

When everyone is affirming, “standing with,” and celebrating homosexuals and transexuals, God’s people can seem like bigots when we speak about God’s standards. So how, in this prideful month, can we best offer some clarity and show God’s love to any sexually rebellious friends and family? Alan Shlemon has some tips on how not to do it here. while in the title link, Amy K. Hall shares a message she wrote to someone trying to figure out if a “Christ-centered, monogamous homosexual relationship is just as godly as a heterosexual one.”

China’s One-Child policy is now allowing up to three

The Family Research Council, a Christian think tank, hopes that:

“Both the American government and Chinese government should learn this lesson and implement policies that truly support, rather than undermine, families.”

But is that so? Do we want the government that so overreached its role it was dictating family size,  to now take on the role of supporting the family? The opposite of over-intrusive isn’t to intrude in a different direction; it’s to stop minding other’s business. It isn’t governmental support that families need, but rather an end to governmental tampering.

The correct order to read the Chronicles of Narnia!

Cap Stewart on why it matters…

Not ashamed – a politician who openly professes the Lord

“…few politicians say much today that is courageous, or even all that original. When every dissenting view, colourful remark, or provocative thought brings with it the threat of cancellation, you have to console yourself with the fiction that saying the same thing as everyone around you is a courageous feat. So when I say that Kate Forbes has done something courageous, I say it because she has done something no one around her is doing…. To pledge yourself so openly to Christ makes you sound like a bit of a freak…”

Killing comedy (5 min)

Seth Dillon, CEO of The Babylon Bee, explains how their critic’s attempts to treat their satire as “fake news” have threatened their social media platform.

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Saturday Selections - May 29, 2021

How to stop being addicted to your phone (4 min) This is a fun one to share and discuss with your kids, but that might not go so well if you aren't either, in control of your own phone usage, or willing to fight your own addiction. Since this is a secular take, you're going to have to bring the Christian perspective: it'll take not only willpower to beat this addiction, but repentance and submission. Repentance doesn't just involve turning away from our idol, but more importantly turning to God. So it isn't just, stop frittering away your hours with your phone; it's, start using those hours in ways that please and honor God. 3 biblical examples that disprove the Prosperity Gospel "Though a much more in-depth rebuttal is possible, these three examples from scripture provide sufficient grounds to reject the prosperity gospel..." Stand fast on the pronouns This is a Roman Catholic take, but one that accurately outlines just how far we can go in response to demands in our workplaces to call male collegues women, and vice versa. Christians are already being called haters, or transphobic, for holding to God's created order. No matter the insults, there is a line that we must not cross because to do would be to further confuse – and therefore harm – those who are already so confused. Why Noah's Ark makes no sense in an Old Earth scenario Christians who hold that the Earth is millions of years olds will refer to the Flood as being only a regional event. But if the Flood was local, then why an ark at all? Recovering the Lost Art of Reading: a review "I grew up with the blessing of books everywhere.  For most of my youth I inhabited 'the dungeon' -- a basement bedroom with no windows, but a full wall of bookshelves.  No, my father wasn’t an academic; he was a police officer.  He’d completed high school, but didn’t go to university.  Nevertheless, his many books filled my room.  Even though we always had a TV in the house growing up, I was almost always reading a book.  Reading wasn’t only natural, it was delightful.  When I was a teenager, I spent hours and hours every week at the local library, about a 30-minute walk from our home. "I wonder what would have happened to me if I’d grown up today rather than in the 1980s.  We had TV, but we didn’t have mobile phones.  We had cable and a VCR, but we didn’t have Netflix.  We had a Commodore 64 computer (with some pretty neat games), but we didn’t have the Internet.  So many less distractions back then!  It’s a wonder that any kids today still read.  Reading is on the rocks – and all ages are affected." – Dr. Wes Bredenhof The man who created Settlers of Catan (4 min) This is a charming account of how Klaus Teuber came to invent this very popular game. ...