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Saturday Selections – June 29, 2019

John MacArthur: Calvinism vs. Arminianism (6 min)

How can God be sovereign over everything and we still be responsible for our sin? John MacArthur gives the classic Calvinist answer with his own unique style.

What are some of the best evidences against the Big Bang and Old Earth theories?

Dr. Jonathan Sarfati gives a short answer to this question, but with links to a dozen other articles that provide the longer version.

How could heaven not have sex?

“…lifelong commitment to a spouse in marriage is…one of the greatest joys to be had in this world. Why would it not endure into the next?”

Vaccines, sunscreens & the “sneaky lie” moms need to stop believing

We do have to care for our children’s physical wellness, but there’s something far more important, and we also need to get our priorities straight.

Sorry, banning plastic bags won’t save our planet

While the author of this article isn’t Christian, hearing his critique of one-use plastic bans lines up with Proverbs 18:17, where we’re told that to know the truth, we really have to hear from both sides. So we hear a lot about the benefits of plastic bag bans, but what would a critic say? Here are two questions critics might ask:

  1. Will it fix what it’s supposed to fix? In this case, will it have a significant impact on the plastics in the ocean?
  2. Will it cause other problems? Or, in other words, what are the tradeoffs?

Do we have to rule out God to do good science? (4 min)

This is an absolutely fantastic take-down of methodological naturalism – the idea that if we turn to God as an explanation for anything then we aren’t doing science.

But what would happen if we, before our investigation even began, ruled out the possibility that there might be a Designer? Imagine if we could only appeal to natural sources to explain the origins of the car? What sort of explanation would we come up for it, if, before our investigation even began, we ruled out the possibility that there might have been a designer? Obviously whatever explanation we came up with would be a very wrong one. So when scientists rule out the Supernatural, before they’ve even begun their investigation into our own origins, then they are showing themselves unwilling to go where the evidence takes them – they are ideologically blinding themselves so that they can’t find certain answers.

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