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Saturday Selections – June 15, 2024

Dr. Matthew Wielicki: I refused to stay silent about climate change (8 min)

One silver lining to the COVID-related censorship that happened on social media was that everyone got to see it. Mention the “lab-leak” theory and your post would be banned or have a warning label assigned to it… no matter that the case for the theory was always obvious.

This “shut up the critics” tactic has long been employed in origins research too – 6-day creationists and even Intelligent Design proponents were excluded from publishing in the mainstream science journals, no matter how high the quality of their research. It shouldn’t surprise us to learn that this same sort of censorship and pressure is being exerted on the climate front. As Dr. Matthew Wielicki shares, “This isn’t about truth. This is about silencing people who disagree with you…”

Hopeful amillennialism

How is God going to bring this broken world to an end? That’s a much-debated topic in Reformed circles, but maybe not all that hotly, simply because we don’t think it a “salvific” issue. That’s why we can more easily leave it as a matter where we might be a bit muddled.

That said, one thing is clear: if you are a pessimistic amillennial, you need to repent.

3 core beliefs of the transgender movement

It’s no coincidence that these three beliefs run almost exactly opposite to what God has said.  As Samuel Ferguson explains, the transgender movement affirms that:

  1. My identity is self-determined
  2. My feelings, not my body, determine my gender
  3. We find wholeness through external, not internal, change

Transgenderism isn’t primarily an attack on logic, but rather a specific assault on God’s Truth. Any godless argument against transgenderism is, then, going to be akin to standing up for your favorite athlete when the guy you’re talking to has just spent the last fifteen minutes talking about your mom’s weight. You’re not addressing the real fight! This is a spiritual battle, and God’s people need to defend Who is really being attacked. We need to give the world what it really needs to hear: that God has assigned us our gender, and given us an identity, and we can mar and mutilate, or receive and celebrate, what He has given us.

Beating bullies with a compliment

Kids will often have fun at another child’s expense by insulting them – one child can feel big by making another feel small. Sometimes teachers will have to be involved. But as Prov. 15:1 notes, “a gentle answer turns away wrath…”  and what’s proposed in this article is a version of that: try giving the bully a sincere compliment.

What are they teaching kids about sex in public schools?

This is a US article, but there’s no reason to think it any different in Canada – mention of “alternative lifestyles” is going to be affirming.

How eating out keeps you poor (7 min)

Even if you don’t eat out nearly as often as these people, this will still be “food” for thought for most of us.

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Saturday Selections – June 8, 2024

Looking deeper at tiny, extraordinary engineers  Hives have been called the pinnacles of biological engineering, and we're only now learning just how extraordinary they are. The Sexular Age never sleeps: 4 stages We've seen the woke advance happen in sports, which the writer calls the West's true religion, in four distinct stages: What you cannot say - first Christian athletes were told to shut up about homosexuality What you must say - then Christian athletes were told to wear the jersey, or patch Who you must not associate with - Christians couldn't be on the wrong organization's board Who you must associate with - don't distance yourselves from men in dresses Why conservative Christian men make good husbands "Many people assume that most theologically conservative men are ...domineering. But sociological studies have refuted that negative stereotype. Compared to secular men, devout Christian family men who attend church regularly are more loving husbands and more engaged fathers. They have the lowest rates of divorce. And astonishingly, they have the lowest rate of domestic violence of any major group in America." Why not private providers? It worked (briefly) in Saskatchewan  When the government is in charge, long waits and high costs don't surprise anyone. And yet, in Canada, most seem to want public healthcare even though they have to wait half a year or more for surgeries. There is an animosity towards private care, in part, because it is thought it might allow richer Canadians to get quicker care than the rest of us. But isn't that akin to being jealous that our neighbor can have sushi when we can only afford hot dogs? Or, to put it in more biblical terms, isn't that the envy God forbids in His 10th Commandment? The lack of private care options eliminates the competitive pressures that could lower costs or speed up wait times for everyone. Even if the government is going to be the universal payer, why does it need to be the universal provider? We have private family doctors, so why not expand the private options to increase the competition? As the Fraser Institute notes in the report above, it seemed to work in Saskatchewan for the decade they tried it. How to ask for a raise Christians are supposed to be humble. But that doesn't mean we should underestimate our value to our company. So what might we keep in mind as we ask for more money? Bubba changed his name to Charlene Ray Stevens is still around, and still making music. Here he is with his latest, about our culture's latest shenanigans. ...