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Saturday Selections – July 22, 2023

What would you say to the claim porn improves relationships?

Porn has become so pervasive that some will now, without shame, discuss their viewing of it, and even defend it as a good thing. For Christians, though, there is no debate: Jesus said watching pornography is adultery (Matt 5:28), and, going back further still to the 10th Commandment, God prohibits coveting your neighbor’s wife. And there are also practical objections, as detailed in the video below.

Homeschooling boys

One reason boys might be falling behind girls at school:

“How long can you sit still, be quiet, and pay attention? We find no difference on that parameter comparing a 40-year-old woman with a 40-year-old man. But when we compare a 6-year-old girl with a 6-year-old boy, we find that the average 6-year-old boy can sit still, be quiet, and pay attention for only about half as long as the average 6-year-old girl. He may be sitting still and being quiet, but he is not paying attention.”

Does the Church need to lead on smartphones?

As more research shows that smartphones are a trigger for all sorts of serious problems for teens, parents face the problem of how to act. No smartphones until 16 might sound nice, but if one family implements this policy on their own, it only means that their kids will be frozen out of the conversations their classmates are having online. That’s not that helpful.

So, should the government step in? That has downsides too, as Bonnie Kristian shares.

So who can help? Might the local congregation be able to rally families to work together?

10 roadtrip conversation starters

Your kidlets are in the back dozing and you have miles to go before you arrive at your vacation destination – it’s a chance for some meaningful conversation with your better half. Here’s 10 questions to kick things off.

Correcting the actual misinformation about gender ideology

It seemed that in times past, when the media mislead us it was because they were giving only half the story. It was a lie of omission, certainly, but the facts they did share were actually facts.

Today, they seem willing to just lie.

No, humans aren’t 99% chimp

By one measure, humans share 60% of our DNA with bananas. But no one thinks that makes us 60% fruity. So why the fixation the stat that we share 99% of the DNA of chimps… especially since it isn’t even true?

A boomwhacker brawl

Just some Dutch guys making music… and channeling the Three Stooges.

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