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Saturday Selections – January 23, 2021

The magical birth canal

The state of things under Canadian law…

How to enjoy wealth to the glory of God

In 1 Tim 6:17-19, the Apostle Paul gives 3 warnings about wealth and teaches 4 purposes it can be put to.

What they aren’t telling us about electric cars

The push is on to move from gas to electric autos, but what we’re not hearing about are the downsides to electricity. Everything in life requires tradeoffs because we have limited time and resources: what we spend in one place can’t then be spent in another. That’s why, when one side presents their idea as trade-off free – as if it has no notable downsides – we should seek out further information.

Pandemic parenting: why some kids are less stressed than usual

COVID, coupled with the government’s restrictions, has left some of us extra anxious. However, it seems that some children are actually less stressed than normal. How could that be? Might it be related to extra time and attention from mom and dad?

A final assessment of the Trump presidency (15-minute read)

How should Americans (and others) assess the Trump presidency? David Bahnsen offers this:

1) With gratitude that…we have bought ourselves time as it pertains to the Supreme Court’s protection of our most basic liberties;

2) With regret for the significant losses, embarrassments, and failures evident throughout the last four years; and

3) With renewed wisdom and understanding that the “character doesn’t matter” angle didn’t work for us…

How to speak during the coronavirus

A little levity to lighten the load…

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Saturday Selections - January 16, 2021

Sea shanties go viral (7 min) If you have boys who think singing is girly, there's a new viral trend of men singing manly. For more on this sea shanties trend, and the Nathan Evans performance that started things off, click on the link above. 50 countries where it’s most dangerous to follow Jesus Every day, 13 Christians are killed, 12 unjustly arrested or imprisoned, and 5 are abducted - so reports the 2021 World Watch List. Our politics are cracking under the weight of a thinning civil society "...agitators, after making their violent intentions clear on social media, successfully incited Trump supporters to mob the Capitol. Still, even the most-crafty agitator can only agitate a crowd that is agitate-able." This flower can "hear" bees Bees' buzzing can actually trigger a flower to increase its nectar output, and the flower's petals function as a type of "ear" to amplify the buzzing. Alternatives to Google Google makes its money by selling users' information. And it gathers that information a lot of different ways! Here's alternative services that can provide some of the same features. Annecdotally, it seems like MeWe is becoming an alternative to Facebook, at least for some Canadian Reformed folk. Is Capitalism all about greed? (5 min) This video is fantastic, even if it doesn't get to the root of the issue. Capitalism stands on property rights, which we find in the Bible as well, when God forbids us from stealing (Ex. 20:15). In contrast, socialism presents it as right, and even just, for me to look over my back fence and covet my rich neighbor's goods (Ex. 20:17). While capitalism has this spiritual benefit (that it can be practiced in a way that aligns with God's Law), this video highlights its material benefit. To give one more perspective, a quote from Walter E. Williams (1936-2020): "Prior to capitalism, the way people amassed great wealth was by looting, plundering, and enslaving their fellow man. Capitalism made it possible to become wealthy by serving your fellow man." ...