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Saturday Selections – February 13, 2021

Who was Saint Valentine?

The ads might make this day seem to be mostly about earthly love, but the fellow it is named after gained his fame for his love of the Lord.

Soft tissue in 180 million-year-old ichthyosaur

There is a joke told about a man who was convinced he was dead. No one could convince him otherwise, and so, in desperation, his wife took him to the doctor. The doctor grabbed a small pin and asked the man, “Do dead men bleed?” The man thought about it for a moment before answering, “No, dead men certainly don’t bleed.” The doctor then pricked his finger with the pin, and when a big red drop formed the man looked down and replied: “Oh doctor, I was entirely wrong – it turns out dead men do bleed!

When soft tissue was first found in dinosaur bones, mainstream scientists ridiculed the find since millions-of-years-old dinosaurs couldn’t possibly still have soft tissues. Strangely enough, on that point, both evolutionists and creationists were in agreement. But as more of these soft-tissue finds were unearthed, evolutionists were faced with the choice of either backing down on the fossils actually being millions of years old, or backing down on soft tissues not being able to survive millions of years. They picked the latter. They concluded, in effect, that like dead men, long dead dinosaurs might well bleed.

Ravi Zacharias seems guilty as charged

An investigation conducted at Ravi Zacharias International Ministries’ (RZIM) request has found lots of evidence that their late founder was guilty of sexual misconduct. Ray Comfort weighs in here, and, for those with Facebook, James White has some helpful thoughts here.

How to show hospitality

I loved the opening experiment, picking which of a dozen faces was a “neutral” expression. The one almost everyone picks is neither mad nor happy, but, as author Nick McDonald notes, how would we feel if someone greeted us with just such a face? Would we feel they were being neutral…or cold?

BC gov’t requests authority to detain folks who might be planning to go to church

“Many politicians have gotten far too comfortable with far-reaching powers over the last year, and this is an extremely unsettling example.”

A return to multi-generational households

This isn’t a specifically Christian movement, but it’s something Christians can get excited about…particularly as a means of living out the Fifth Commandment.

About to start caring again (2 min)

With a Democrat president now in office, a Republican congressman finds he’s back to caring about the budget deficit once again…

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