Saturday Selections – Feb. 9, 2019

Unplanned trailer

This one looks interesting: Unplanned is the true story how Planned Parenthood clinic director Abby Johnson ended up defending the unborn. It’ll be in theaters March 29.

The 7 pitfalls of Christian schools

“If things start to wobble in a Christian school, where might the wobble start?”

This is your brain not on Facebook (10-minute read)

Researchers paid folks to stay of Facebook for a month. And like bad-tasting medicine, while participants didn’t like it, it did them good.

Why Christian movies are so terrible

What would a good Christian movie even look like? And would it get ridiculed too?

A 2,000-year history of the abortion wars (15-minute read)

Ours is not the first generation to battle abortion. And we can learn a lot from history.

Folds in the rock

Were these sandstone deposits formed under dry millions of years long conditions, or wet, quick conditions during the Flood.

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