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Saturday Selections – Apr 1, 2023

Matt Maher: It’s Yours (4 min)

The first 30 seconds are misdirection but stick around for the transition for this great one.

Not so long ago the AMA was puffing the tobacco industry 

When we aren’t in a position to evaluate something for ourselves – when we don’t have the needed expertise – then the next best thing we can do is evaluate the trustworthiness of the experts we’re forced to rely on (Matt. 7:20, Prov 12:17). And the AMA’s long involvement with the tobacco industry – a product that has harmed millions – gives us reason to doubt either their ethics or their expertise, or both. Then skepticism is also reasonable when we are relying on their take to shape what we think about a novel vaccine.

5 things you should know about about the Trinity

Our God is three in one. That’s something we may never fully grasp, but because we love God we should be interested in seeking to grasp in part. And this short introduction to the doctrine of the Trinity is a great place to start.

Social media means there’s no “backstage” for our kids 

For kids, school can feel like a performance. They have to think through what they say and do every minute of the day, not only in class, but even in the hallway, because there’s always an audience around, always looking to critique.

That’s brutal, but at least coming home can be an escape… except that social media means even time away can be “performance time” – the critics are still ready.

How to be a prolific writer

For an aspiring author, these are a half dozen great tips.

Creationist on the Babylon Bee Podcast (1 hour)

President of the Institute for Creation Research ( Dr. Randy Gulizza spent a fascinating hour on the Babylon Bee Podcast talking about how creationists can find deeper and deeper design because they know to look for it, even as evolutionists try to explain complexity via genetic breakages.

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Saturday Selections – Mar 25, 2023

How do evolutionists explain how the first cells replicated? (14 min) To evolve, cells would need to be able to replicate, so how do evolutionists explain the origin of replication? This cartoon Intelligent Design presentation is a fun watch but, admittedly, gets pretty technical. Fortunately, you don't need to get it all to catch the gist: that evolutionary explanations for the origin of life don't explain it at all. The one-sided environmental thinking behind Avatar: The Way of Water While this is a secular critique of what has become the 6th highest-grossing film of all time, the latter half lines up with God's mandate for us to have dominion over Creation (Genesis 1:26-28): ours isn't simply to have a hands-off approach. Don't trust ChatGPT When Dr. Bredenhof did some testing on the AI website ChatGPT, he found that it provided both dreadful and impressive answers. What does "woke" actually mean? Folks who are too scared to define "woman" really want us to define the term "woke." Can we do it? Yes we can. Tim Challies on the changing of the dictionaries's word of the year for 2022 was "woman" but how long will they have a clear definition of it? Steve Jobs pitching educational vouchers (4 min) In this 1995 interview, Apple's founder makes an impassioned plea for more parental control in education via vouchers. It's a great idea, but comes with its own hitch: government money comes with conditions, so a school might only be accredited if they adopt aspects of the government's ideology. Still, distributing educational dollars through parental hands would be a real upgrade on the direct government distribution we have now. ...