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Reformed Perspective is published 6 times a year and is sent out to a readership of 4-5,000, the majority of which live in Canada, but with a sizable minority who live in Australia, the United States, and the rest of the world. These readers are almost all from a conservative Reformed background and include members of the Canadian Reformed, United Reformed, and Australian Free Reformed churches as well as many others. It is aimed at a broad age group encompassing the entire family.

The magazine’s purpose is to provide a Reformed reflection on world events, whether those events are technological, economical, cultural, or some other ‘al. It is a broadly-based directive narrowed only by the magazine’s target audience. Our cross-generation appeal prevents us from engaging in highly technical and theoretical arguments over church doctrine.

Check out the “Resources” tab in the main menu to read some of our best articles from years past.

Thoughts on writing

  1. Why should Reformed Perspective, and not some secular magazine, print your article? Why should Christians care about your topic, and what, perhaps, should they do about it?
  2. Stories, anecdotes, and examples should be used to make your point.
  3. Avoid professional language or jargon. The reason you are writing is to explain your point to people that don’t already know what you do!
  4. Criticism requires tact. Be constructive when possible, and try to include solutions to any problems you point out.
  5. An overuse of poetic imagery, flowery language, and additional unnecessary and completely useless adjective is not conducive to agreeable reading (wordiness is bad, and adjectives are often the root cause).
  6. The NASB and English Standard Versions are the preferred Bible translations.
  7. The first line or two are absolutely critical. Engage your readers immediately or you won’t engage them at all.
  8. Good writing often comes down to a creative use of metaphors and similes, and a good knowledge of synonyms.
  9. Own your opinion – if you need to qualify it with a host of ifs, buts, maybes and “in my opinion”s then you need to do more research so you can offer readers something more certain.
  10. Get someone else to proofread your work before you send it on to the editor. Other people can sometimes catch surprisingly obvious grammar and spelling errors. It also pays to get someone who might have a different point of view to look at your article so they can catch errors in your argument.
  11. Reformed Perspective publishes primarily original material, with the occasional exception. If an article warrants an exception explain why.
  12. Please also see “How to make your editor actually like you” for more helpful tips.


Length: Our preferable article size is anywhere from 600-2000 words. Shorter and longer articles will be considered but we may not read contributions over 2500 words. Nota Bene items (for the news column at the beginning of the magazine) can be as short as 150 words, and as long as 600.

References/Endnotes: Try to include references within the body of the article. Endnotes should only be used if including the references within the text body becomes cumbersome. Please do not use your word processor’s auto-footnoting feature – that is formatting the editor will then have to undo. Instead just include endnotes manually, preferably noting it in the text this way: (1), (2), etc.

Identification: Include your name, address, church affiliation, and relevant expertise.

Pictures: They always help make your article more readable. Relevant information (such as names of people, location, etc.) should be included.


Reformed Perspective reserves the right to make editorial changes. We will edit on the basis of spelling, grammar, eloquence, length, factual accuracy, and style. We may request a rewrite or submission after considering it carefully.


If your original article is accepted Reformed Perspective will pay a small honorarium. For articles from 800-2000 words the honorarium ranges from $30 – $55. We also pay $10 for any original comics we publish.


Jon Dykstra – Editor


A Canadian-based monthly Christian magazine and website that looks at society and culture from a Calvinist viewpoint.

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