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For 35 years Reformed Perspective was a magazine only available to subscribers. Subscriptions allowed us to pay for the production of the magazine, but it also meant we were reaching only a small percentage of the people we could otherwise help if we released it all for free on our website and via social media, online editions of the magazine and through other platforms.

That’s why we’ve made it all free. Now it’s free to be read, re-posted, shared on your Facebook feed, emailed to your friend on the other side of the world, or printed off and shared with your neighbor next door.

You are the key

While we no longer have “subscriptions,” we do still need financial support. We’ve switched from a subscription-based magazine, to a donor-supported organization that will use every means – whether print, internet, conferences, lesson plans, and more – to equip and challenge God’s people to be a light in this world.

When you send in a monthly donation you’ll be supporting these efforts, and we’ll send you our bi-monthly 48-page magazine. To be clear, you aren’t paying to get the magazine in the mail once over two months – this isn’t a subscription. Your monthly support enables us to offer timely, trustworthy, thoroughly Reformed content completely free every day of the year. You are helping us reach the world.

And once every two months we’ll send the very best of these articles to you in our print publication.

So we hope you will please support our work.

By Pre-Authorized Debit form

The best way is by pre authorized debit (or PAD) form which allows us to deduct an agreed upon sum from your bank account each month. This allows for the most stable form of funding which is a great help for us in terms of planning. Would you consider supporting us at $10, $20 or $50 a month? To use the PAD form,  download it here and mail it, along with a void cheque to:

Box 1328
Carman, MB
R0G 0J0.

Monthly donors who support Reformed Perspective’s work with $5 or more a month will get the print publication. Canadian donors will receive a charitable receipt.

One-time donations

One-time donations can also be made by cheque to this same address above. We are currently working on an online form to do secure one-time donations over the Internet but we’re not quite there yet. We hope to have that up in a week or two.

A Canadian-based monthly Christian magazine and website that looks at society and culture from a Calvinist viewpoint.

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