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Sept/Oct 2019 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: The vital, foundational, educational calling of parents / A wealthy millennial’s moral confusion / What is “Sovereign Grace
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Past Issues

July/Aug 2019 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: A biblical case for global warming skepticism / Technology and our anxious hearts /  Rachel Jankovic’s You who?
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May/June 2019
WHAT’S INSIDE: How God’s providence should impact our politics / Mental illness: responsibility and response / James Higginbotham: last of
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Mar/Apr 2019 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Are we “blessed” or “privileged”? / Maintaining the motivation of officebearers / On tidying up with Marie Kondo
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Jan/Feb 2019 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Teaching our boys to fight / Smartphone contract for our kids / “Interview” with Francis Schaeffer / $33
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Nov/Dec 2018 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: World War II through the eyes of a child / Parenting our parents / Reagan’s challenge to his
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Sept/Oct 2018 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: C.S. Lewis on real happiness / A most important question: What is Man? / How bad is the
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July/Aug 2018 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Justin Trudeau and the need for two witnesses / What forgiveness is / Communism’s ongoing influence / On
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May/June 2018
WHAT’S INSIDE: Dude, where’s your bride? / U2 shows us how love can hurt / 5 things Christians should know
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Mar/April 2018
WHAT’S INSIDE: Is Jordan Peterson the champion we’ve been looking for? / Grandma is not a dog / The growth
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Jan/Feb 2018 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: The Mike Pence rule / Work is worship / The surprising secrets of highly happy marriages / Five
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Nov/Dec 2017 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Is recreational marijuana sinful? / Biomimicry recognizes genius (but not the Genius) behind creation / Physician-assisted suicide: would it be
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Sept/Oct 2017 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: 10 titles on Luther / The “Broken Window Fallacy” / Science videos for all ages / Facebook to
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July/Aug 2017 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Raising readers: the power of reading aloud / Jordan Peterson is not PC / James’ epistle on pornography
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May/June 2017
WHAT’S INSIDE: Canada’s conspiracy-proof elections / Porn and smartphones: parents should freak out / Templeton Foundation spending millions to promote theistic
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March/April 2017
WHAT’S INSIDE: Investigating the birth control pill / Questioning Islamophobia / 4 things you can do when someone challenges your
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Jan/Feb 2017 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: You are the media / The Left’s case for conscience protection / When they say “I’m gay” / 2 different
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Nov/Dec 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Transgenderism 101 / Porn addiction isn’t just a guy thing / What is “equal pay for work of
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October 2016 Issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: C.S. Lewis on first and second things / Tactics: a book that will help you speak up / The
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Sept 2016
WHAT’S INSIDE: Electoral reform’s strengths and weaknesses / Business is beautiful / The Bible and Alcoholics Anonymous / Biology vs.
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July/August 2016
WHAT’S INSIDE: God gives rest: on the 4th commandment / Public school spirituality / The Bible conspiracy refuted / To
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June 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: The transsexual debate and the death of logic / Can I become a Chinese woman? / Alcohol and
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May 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Talking to your neighbor about Islam / Better to delay having kids? Not so fast… / 1-question test
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April 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Should we fact-check “our side”? / Does her Majesty get the Gospel? / Countering the conservative case for
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March 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: The Syrian refugee crisis / Praying and borrowing / Complementarianism vs. egalitarianism / CRISPR / Quebec’s maple syrup monopoly
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February 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Transkindophobia / Environmental extremism / 6 response to 1 angry atheist / Should adoption records be unsealed /
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January 2016 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: What is political success? / Artwork in the Catacombs / Dealing with Bible difficulties / 5 family films
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Dec 2015
WHAT’S INSIDE: Being salt and light / Can one culture be better than another / Christmas story: Forming Adam / Pluto: ready
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November 2015 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Pro-life 101: removing the red herrings / Why study history? / Gardasil: A vaccine our boys don’t need
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October 2015 issue
WHAT’S INSIDE: Are we ever allowed to lie? / Ron Paul: a rare principled politician / Our remarkable Sun /
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Sept 2015
WHAT’S INSIDE: Spanking on trial / Dads and the need for tender love / Gender: different is good / RU-486
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Our mission is "To promote a Biblically Reformed perspective in all spheres of life by equipping and encouraging Christians to think, speak, and act in a manner consistent with their confession."

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